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Alex Parsons

StagenameAlex Parsons
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Clubbing RegionUnited Kingdom and Ireland
Year Started2002
Current ResidencesAfterlife, Skwosh, Party Proactive Rotation Kurruption, Twist, Blast and Bedlam
Previous ResidencesXLR8
Music StylesTechno, House - Funky, House - Tech, House - Hard, Trance - Progressive, Breaks, Electro
DiscographyShooting Elvis - With Tommy Four Seven (Kosmetic Surgery),Little Higher - With Simon the Fireman ,Stomp - With Dan Dyson ,Chocolate Makes Your Clothes Shrink - With Tommy Four Seven (Kosmetic Surgery) ,Pork Chop - With Rob Kane ,Industrial Machine Tommy Four Seven and The Ting vs Parsons (Proactive) ,Funk Trap With Matt Smallwood ,Fuzzy Hair ,Random Mutation - With K-Complex (NEC) ,Listen - with Lee Osborne (Whiplash) ,Twisting My Mind - with Simon Rutherford (Whiplash) ,Televised (Proactive) ,Intruders (Proactive) ,Goes Down ,Pump Me Up ,Your Love ,DiscoTek ,I'll Fk Your Night Up Bootleg ,I'll Spot your Rock Bootleg ,Get Hooked Bootleg ,Straight Into Brixton Bootleg
Tunes/Mixes e=keyword& searchWhat=track&searchValue=parsons& searchButton.x=26&searchButton.y=6
EquipmentLogic, Cool Edit, VST synths (Hydra, Scorpion, Pro53, V-Station), Access Virus, Mackie 626 monitors
Payment RatesContact Zoelee on 07879 630674 for info
Current LocationLondon, UK
Travel LocallyYes
Travel Own CountryYes
Travel InternationallyYes
Current LabelProactive, Kosmetic Surgery
Previous LabelNEC Live, Whiplash
CountryUnited Kingdom
First Name Alex
Last Name Parsons
Mobile447736 297713


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