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October 31st - Monthly DJpromoter Updates

New Blog - Celebrate Techno
If you like your techno check out the Celebrate Techno blog.

The blog was started earlier this month as a tribute to classic techno music from over the years. They will publish a different track each day. The latest track (for October 30th) goes all the way back to 1993, Phylyp's Trak by Basic Channel.

Budget/Avis Car Rental - Thieves!
Ok completely off topic, but I'm using every medium I have to spread word of a bad car rental experience I had with Budget (who are owned by Avis). It's the first time I've ever had any hassle when renting a car, but one bad experience and I'm afraid I will take any opportunity to bad mouth the company in question.

I rented the car from the Avis office at Ibiza airport back in July. I returned the car with a full tank of fuel as per the contract, which was duly validated by the Avis staff member in front of my own eyes. But when they later took the card payment they charged me for fuel.

Raised it with their call centres and also got my bank to dispute the payment, but still can't get the cash back. I've tried a UK-based European consumer agency next, but if that fails I have another idea to get back at them, which might at least put a small dent on their image and cost them some bookings.

The sum of money they've stolen from me isn't huge, but it's the principle that counts, and not letting a multi-national company get away with ripping you off.
So if you will be hiring a car anytime soon, I'll of course be delighted if you avoid Avis or Budget :-)

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